About Us

Sun & Cevre took its place in the sector by starting to do sheet metal cutting and bending works with its own production in 2020. It has adapted to the market conditions with the developing and renewed technology, and has started to serve with its quality and experienced staff by offering production solutions to its customers in this field and in many sectors.

We can list the main sectors they serve as follows.

  • Construction Machinery Manufacturing Industry
  • Solid waste facilities and equipment
  • Construction Industry
  • All Kinds of; Steel Construction Manufacturing Industry
  • Machine Manufacturing Industry
  • Automotive Sector

Automotive Sub-Industry Manufacturing Sector; As a facility of 3000 m² with its closed area and administrative building; Sheet metal sales, cutting bending in various machinery and production areas such as Plasma Cutting, Cold Cutting Workshop, Abgant Bending Workshop, Welded Manufacturing. and concentrated on semi-finished products for manufacturing. Sun environment, all kinds of; At the center of its behavior and activity, it continues its rise in the sector with its product diversity, experienced staff and stable working style in line with the demands from its customers.